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So, as you’ve already learned, there’s a significant difference in the quality of the components, how the components are installed in the window. And again, what that means to you is a couple of things. Number one, again, we’ve been manufacturing windows for over 70 years here. We have one part-time service technician on the road, dealing with our products.

Some of the other companies that you have out here have seven, eight, nine, ten guys on the road. Five days a week fixing issues, and most of the issues of the stuff that we pointed out to you today – sloppy manufacturing, cheap component use, that type of stuff.  

You don’t know that as a consumer until it’s too late. So, again, do your research. But, again, can you make a window cheaper than we manufacture? Yes, you can by decontenting it. We choose not to. Again, we don’t want to have any service problems. That’s why we use quality components in all the products that we make here.

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