Casement Windows

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So, the casement windows will be manufactured here in Arnprior. We use a 4 and 9/16-inch frame. Most of their offerings, or competitive offerings, again, in the marketplace, are three and a quarter inch frame. Now what does that mean to you? Well, a couple of things.

First and foremost, with a 4 and 9/16 frame, you can see how the glass is recessed into the frame of the window. With a three and a quarter inch frame, the glass is actually flush with the outside. What’s that mean to a homeowner? Well, this window is designed to have the glass panel when it’s installed in your home sit exactly within the insulated barrier of your wall.

A couple of other things about the windows that we manufacture here again. So, no plastic operating hardware, whatsoever at all. Everything is powder-coated, everything is stainless steel. Again, the operators, the side pieces, the keepers, and everything. Again, what that means to you is, the number one failure on windows, typically of this kind, is either the glass or the hardware. This hardware is quality hardware, durable hardware. Manufactured to last a long period of time. So, in essence, what you have here is a stronger, more durable, quieter, and energy-efficient window. .