Bay & Bow Windows

Beautiful inside and out, bay and bow windows add character, make a dramatic statement to the exterior and interior of a home and increase curb appeal. There are plenty of styles, features, benefits and options to choose from.

Bay Windows

A popular choice, bay windows are available in many configurations.. fixed panels, hinged casement panels, hung panels and a combination thereof. Typically protruding from the home’s exterior, they add usable space and charm. Bay windows can create a breakfast nook in the kitchen, a reading spot in a bedroom, or a shelf for trinkets and photo frames. Bay windows can add significant curb appeal to any area of your home. 

Bow Windows

Bow windows are typically made up of three or more sections with subtle angles that give them a unique rounded appearance. 

  • Available in single-hung, casement and fixed lite styles
  • Provide expanded view and increased natural light
  • Sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Our vinyl frames help increase energy efficiency

A Look at Our Bays

Here is a small sample of some of the bay installations we have done around Ottawa and the surrounding areas



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