Energy Star High Efficiency Casement/Awning

Scheel Energy Star High-Efficiency Certified Casement/Awning Windows


Casements windows and awning windows are the total package: stylish, convenient, elegant, and efficient. Scheel Window & Door manufactures high-efficiency casement windows and awning windows for homeowners in the Ottawa area. Casement windows vent vertically, while awning windows vent horizontally. Both are very efficient at minimizing air infiltration to keep your home comfortable in winter and summer alike. Brighten your home and embrace energy efficiency with these top-quality vinyl windows. Casement and awning windows swing open easily for natural ventilation to freshen your home, and close securely to provide superior airtightness.Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.22.07 PM

Enhance Your Home with Casement & Awning Windows


  • • Reduce air infiltration and improve energy efficiency
  • • Reduce noise
  • • Low-maintenance care
  • • Save on energy bills and help the planet
  • • Brighten your interior spaces
  • • Improve curb appeal
  • • Increase the value of your home


Scheel casement windows and awning windows are designed and manufactured at our Arnprior shop with the same care and attention to detail as when we first opened our doors in 1948. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right window for your needs, manufacture windows specifically for your home, and then finish the job with expert installation. We are known for our quality parts, quality installation, and quality service. All our casement/awning windows are backed by the famous Scheel warranty, an industry best.

8 Reasons to Choose Scheel PVC Windows


  1. Triple weather stripping provides superior airtightness, reducing heating and air conditioning costs.
  2. Our stylish sash is esthetically pleasing and adds a touch of class to the exterior of the window.
  3. Our strong interior glazing bead is designed to keep glass in the window in winds up to 350 km/h.
  4. Our windows have a higher number of internal chambers, which provide outstanding insulation, sound abatement qualities, excellent thermal efficiency and structural rigidity.
  5. Mounting hardware is installed through a minimum of two PVC walls to ensure secure and durable fastening.
  6. Casement windows open to a full 90 degrees to allow for easy cleaning.
  7. PVC jamb extensions and available brickmould provide clean and maintenance-free finishing.
  8. All hardware and multipoint locking components are manufactured with corrosion-proof finish for longevity and maximum durability. 


Energy Star High-Efficiency Ratings

Scheel high-efficiency casement windows and awning windows don’t just meet ENERGY STAR standards, they exceed them by as much as 20%. See the results for yourself and discover how Scheel windows can make your home more comfortable, more energy efficient, and save you money. Scheel casement/awning windows are ENERGY STAR-certified and proven to provide exceptional value, high energy savings, and maximum protection from the weather.

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