Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows

Annual cleaning is highly recommended for windows.

Rinse Down the Windows

Start by rinsing the glass and frames with clean water. If you have a hose with a nozzle that will reach your windows, this will work great. If you don’t, you can simply use a spray bottle with warm water to give the window panes and frames a quick rinse to loosen up any caked-on residue.

Make a Cleaning Solution

To clean the frames, you can make a household solution with dish soap diluted in warm water. For the glass you can use any number of solutions incorporating the use of a squeegee and sponge. The squeegee will help to provide a streak free finish.

Tackle the Dirt

Once you have your cleaning solution prepped and ready, you can place it in a spray bottle or use a bucket to dip your sponge or soft bristled scrub brush. Tackle the frames first using the sponge and brush to scrub through the layers of dirt. Do small areas at a time to prevent things from drying. Rinse frequently.

Squeegee to Make Them Shine

Once the frames have been cleaned, you can start on the glass with your squeegee. Make sure you have a towel or something to dry the squeegee with as you move along to avoid leaving and streaks or excess water on the window sills.

Clean the Screens

Use your hose, vacuum and a mild cleaning solution and soft brush to gently scrub the screens. Let them dry completely before re-installing.

Hardware and Weather-Stripping

Lubricate all hardware. Use TEFLON based spray only. Do not use WD 40 or similar products as dust and dirt sticks to the spray. Use vinyl cleaner/conditioner to wipe all neoprene weather-stripping.

Do this semi-annually and you’ll have great looking windows for years to come.