Make a Statement with Your Front Door

Walk to the curb in front of your home and turn to have a look at the front of your house, if your eyes aren’t drawn to the landscape or the garage you’re likely looking at your front door.

Your main entrance way says a lot about who you are. Being one of the first things visitors actually notice your main door generally speaks to who you are and what your home is. From bold, vibrant, understated, classy, heritage or just plain out there, your front door can be anything you want it to be.

Everyone who visits you notices your door. Here are a few simple, but effective ways that you can really make a statement with your front door.

Use a Bold Colour

The most effective way to really make a front door stand out is to choose a bold colour or incorporate a funky or modern door slab. Instead of going with a neutral colour, stain, finish or traditional door slab think outside of box. With hundreds of colours and different door panels available consider choosing a vibrant or rich colour, cardinal red, a toney or rich blue, cranberry, muted yellow the colours are endless. Ask your vendor for colour samples that you can take home. In close proximity to the door you are replacing hold them against the siding, brick or other exterior finish so you can envision what the colour you choose will look like.

Use Contrast

Want your entrance to pop? Consider contrast. Think about the door being one colour and the frame another. Factor in the colour of the exterior of your home. If the exterior is a lighter shade, then consider going with a darker colour for the door. Consider the reverse for a dark exterior.

Switch Up the Design

Instead of going with a traditional flush, two panel or other standard door panel, consider going with a more modern design. Non-traditional door slabs, decorative glass inserts can really accentuate things.

Use Decorative Hardware

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to hardware. The hardware you choose will have an impact on the impression the door makes.

Antique bronze, satin or brushed nickel, flat black, gold, lever action, grip set. No matter your choice consider functionality and effect.

Door Panels

Choose from flush or stamped steel, smooth fiberglass, wood grain fiberglass or traditional wood. Most popular today being steel and fiberglass as fiberglass provides the look of wood at a fraction of the cost.

Lasting Impressions

When you meet someone for the first time you ONLY get one chance to make a first impression. Sort of the same thing with your front door. Want classy, want pop, want traditional, want wow? Your door can do it all!

In addition to factoring colours, panel types, decorative glass and hardware options make sure you talk to your vendor or manufacturer about frame, sills and the rest of the components used in the manufacturiing of the door you are considering. Ask to see a cut-out of the door panel and sill. Look at the thickness of the frame components, make sure there isn’t any wood in the actual sill. Review panel thickness and FULLY READ the warranty.

Most importantly take your time and talk to a front door expert before you make a buying decision.