Why Install Large Windows?

Do envy of those large, expansive windows you see in other homes? Well, incorporating that dream into your home may be easier than you may think. Just because your design didn’t include large windows, doesn’t mean things can’t be modified to accommodate larger windows. At Scheel we regularly enlarge existing opening to accept larger windows and we often create new opening to accept windows in homes in areas where there wasn’t a window previously. And aside from the stunning aesthetics, large windows can provide a variety of benefits, including savings on your energy usage.

Thinking of enlarging or having a window installed in a wall where there isn’t one, here are just a few of the advantages that they can bring to your home.

Enhance Your Entire Design

Windows affect curb appeal. They can enhance it or detract from it. Choosing to have larger windows installed will transform the interior and exterior of your home instantly.

Energy Efficient for Internal Temperature

When you’re living in Ottawa and the surrounding areas, we have some extreme weather to contend with. Replacing your windows not only improves the aesthetics of your home, it also provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of energy-efficient design elements that new windows can offer. You can solar heat gain, install triple glazed units in area of the home that receive strong winter winds. Reduce heat gain in south facing windows. All can assist to keep your home comfortable without having to rely heavily on your HVAC system.

Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

New improve the resale value of any home. Having a better view, improved energy efficiency make that initial investment well worthwhile, whether you planning on staying or moving.

Improve Your Mood

Speaking of natural light filtering in, it doesn’t take much to explain how much better the sunshine makes us feel. Studies have proven exposure natural light and looking at beautiful vistas improves one’s moods.

Make that dream of yours into reality by contacting us today at Scheel Window & Door.