How to Keep Your Home Cool in Warm Weather

After the long winter, it’s hard to imagine complaining about the heat. But as Canadians, we know that our summers can get hot and sticky. When the thermometer starts to rise, it’s always helpful to learn about different things that can help keep your home cool without having to rely solely on energy-guzzling A/C. To beat the heat this summer, here are some tips to remember.

Upgrade Your Windows

If your home has south-facing windows, the intense summer sun can dramatically heat up your home, especially if your windows are older.  If you notice a significant spike in your utility bills whenever the summer heat arrives, your windows could be significant contributors to the cost. Glass technology has changed significantly over the years so much so that we can moderate heat gain, all but eliminate UV rays as well as limit light should you wish. Ask what upgrading your windows can do for you. Doing so can reduce cooling cost considerably.

Draw Curtains During Peak Time of Day

Keeping curtains closed, especially during the peak of the day when the sun is intense, will reduce the temperature inside your home. Thick, thermal curtains that are very effective at blocking out the heat, lighter sheers will help as well should you still want light to filter inside.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans, turn them on throughout the day to keep the air circulating. Also, make sure that they’re rotating counter-clockwise to be most effective in cooling your home during the summer.

Install a Screen Door for Cross Breeze

Creating a pleasant cross breeze can make a world of difference at keeping your home fresh in warm weather. If you don’t have the ability to create one, consider installing a venting lite in an existing door. This can allow for better airflow and cooling breezes.

Install Awnings

If your home gets the full sun most of the day during summer months , consider installing awnings over the affected windows. The canopies will eliminate direct sunlight which will keep things cooler.

Once summer arrives, you’ll be searching for ways to keep things cool in your home during those hot and sticky days. Scheel Windows & Doors can upgrade your windows or install a new door with a venting lite to help to improve your comfort at home during the summer. Contact us today to learn more about how new windows or a door can help to keep things cool.