Changing Windows in the Winter


Most people believe the best time to consider a window replacement is during the spring and summer. This is a common and understandable misconception, but changing windows in the winter is actually just as an ideal time as summer or spring. If your windows feel as cold as the outside or fog up  during the winter time, you should not wait until the spring to have your windows replace. Energy efficient windows will allow you to save both money and heat this holiday season.

There are some easy and quick things you can do to prepare for your window installation during the winter. Move furniture and lamps away from your window. Give your installers plenty of work space so the process can move faster. Also removing your window coverings will save some time. It’s important to leave the installation to the professionals during the winter months because drastic change in room temperature may occur if not properly installed.

Below are a few reasons why changing windows in the winter is a smart idea:

– Low energy Costs: Alleviate your concerns over heat loss and rising energy bills while they happen and reduce heating cost almost immediately

– Energy efficient installation: During the winter the framing in your home returns to its usual size, thereby ensuring that wintertime replacement allows the most tight – fight and energy effect installation.

– Faster installation: Have your windows and doors installed faster by booking during the winter months

– Damage prevention: Snow and ice can damage your window still if left long enough.

Since most people book window replacement appointments during the summer, you will be having to wait a lot longer compared to booking in the winter. You will not notice the difference in your new windows as much during the summer compared to the winter.  Keeping heat inside during the holidays is important to everyone. Having your window replaced during the winter months will definitely do just that.

Although it is smart to have your windows replaced during the winter, there are more factors to consider during these months. Some of the facts are:

– Snow fall: taking out a windows while it’s snowing can cause a few problems

– Travel commute: weather conditions can cause traffic jams resulting in backed up appointments.

– Ice: where there is snow there is usually ice. Slipping holding a window can end horribly.

Fortunately Scheel Windows and Doors have professionals equipped and train to make sure that your window installment during the winter months go as smooth as possible. Depending on the number of windows and the size of the windows the replacement can go as quickly as half an hour. Don’t wait for a cold breeze through your old windows to make you realize you need to replace your windows.