5 Ways to Lower Hydro Bills

With high hydro prices the arrival of summer heat it can be costly crank up that air conditioner. Whether it’s the hot and humid summer, or the frigid winter chills, homeowners today realize the importance of improving energy efficiency to minimizing monthly hydro bills. If you’re looking for some handy tips to help save this summer keep these suggestions in mind.

Replace Old Exterior Doors

Your exterior doors can be major culprits in allowing air leakeage and air infiltration which affects the cooling efficiency of the home. Cracks and gaps along and between the door and frame, poor perimeter insulation can affect internal temperature significantly. When the temperature outside heats up and the winds blow your HVAC unit has to work harder to cool or heat leaky homes. That can add up to big dollars in cooling and heating costs

If your exterior doors are older, out of square warped or weathered, then you might want to consider upgrading them with more energy efficient modern models.

Upgrade Windows

Your windows are equally as important for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the home. Low E glazing, argon gas, multi chambered frames all play a roll in keep things cool. Quality windows properly installed can reduce run time for air conditioners, heat pumps and other HVAC accessories eliminating the need to crank up the A/C. Upgrading windows is an investment, but it’s one that will likely be well worth your while in future energy cost savings. In fact, replacing your home’s old windows with new, ENERGY STAR® efficient models can reduce your utility bills by as much as $465 each year.

Improve the Insulation

If you find that it’s a challenge to maintain a constant comfortable temperature in your home during both the summer and winter, and your hydro bills seem high you may want to check your attic and walls. If your home is an old build, chances are that the insulation may no longer be adequate. The insulation in the walls or lack thereof as well as what’s in the attic can contribute massive air leaks. This adds heat in the summer and cold in the winter. With electricity, oil and gas rates continued to rise it’s important to have good insulation in all areas of your home. Heating and cooling accounts for 50 to 70 percent of the total energy consumed in your home, so it’s worth having adequate insulation.

HVAC System

A home’s HVAC systems work almost constantly to keep things comfortable and healthy to live in. And just like anything, they are susceptible to damage and wear and tear. As a result it’s good practice to have an annual inspect to ensure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently.

Unplug Unused Items

One simple, yet effective method for reducing hydro bills is turning off unused items or taking advantages of low power mode on devices like laptops and gaming consoles.

Every little bit counts when it comes to reducing hydro bills. Employ these ideas can help you to reduce consumption and save costs throughout the year.