5 Reasons to Work with a Family-Owned Businesses

There can often be advantages of working with a family business. For one, you typically get a very different level of service working with a large entity like a big box store versus working with a smaller family type operation as all are usually fully invested in the products and services they provide. This often means offering better quality products and services with the goal of providing an industry best customer experience. Listed below are 5 reasons to consider working with a family-owned entity.


More often than not, family-owned businesses have been operating for years, being passed down from generation to generation. This makes it highly likely that the entire team will have decades of combined experience behind them. And in most cases, a family business will be the best in their industry thanks to passed down tried, tested, and true techniques, products, and services.

Quality of Service

Most Family owned operations take great in standing behind their name as well as the products and services they offer. Unlike many large corporations, each member often has a substantial stake in how the business operates at every level. This often drives family-owned entities to focus on providing superior customer service, better quality products and an industry best purchasing experience.  

Commitment to Excellence

It goes without saying that every business must maintain a good reputation to stay in business long term including large corporations. This is especially important for smaller family-run businesses. For this reason, successful smaller family owned business are typically beyond committed to providing industry best products & services.

Family Values

Because they’re often operating in the same city in which they live and work, family-owned businesses focus on the service they provide to all residents of the area they service.


Our family-owned business strives to be the best in our industry, and for over 70years we have been doing everything we can to ensure our clients satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at a few recent testimonials to get a better idea of the typical customer experience we have been delivering in Ottawa and the Valley since 1948.  Find out more here.