What Window to Choose?

Is it finally time to replace your windows? Don’t let the myriad of window offerings overwhelm you. Here are some tips that may help you narrow down your search. Look for a quality vinyl / PVC window. Made from advanced technology utilizing some of the thickest and deepest frames & sashes in the industry, quality PVC windows are designed to provide superior energy efficiency, ease of operation, enhanced durability, and eye-catching style.

Superior Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for an energy efficient window, Scheel Vinyl windows are a perfect choice. These windows feature air-tight seals, triple-weather stripping, and a high number of internal chambers that are designed to better support glazing, improve hardware stability/operation, all but eliminate air infiltration and provide optimal thermal insulation year-round. Vinyl windows are available in a myriad of colours and several different styles.

Incredibly Durable and Reliable

Knowledgeable consumers choose vinyl windows over other models because they are affordable, durable, long lasting and very efficient.

Worry-Free Warranty

At Scheel Windows and Doors, we have been manufacturing our industry-leading windows locally in beautiful Arnprior, Ont for over 70 years. Doing so allows us to offer our clients the very best in factory direct pricing, an unbeatable warranty and expert installation.

If you are looking for quality, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing windows, our Industry leading products will fit the bill. To further discuss your needs please contact us today at Scheel Windows and Doors, and one of our experts will walk you through the process of finding the right product for your home.