Want to reduce Energy Use & Save money on your Utility Bill? Scheel Window & Door can help.

Old windows & doors can drive your utility bills sky high. Older windows and doors usually have deteriorated wither stripping, poor seal, loss of argon and may be of poor design. These flaws can cost you a lot of money over the years. To find out how new energy efficient windows can make a difference, here are 5 ways that Scheel products may help you to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Wider & Deeper Frames

When you install one of our windows, you receive improved insulation that will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. That’s because our windows have wider and deeper frames that provide your home with improved thermal performance. Our frames are also built strong, so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary maintenance costs or leaked energy. You also get a longer life expectancy than standard models with reduced energy costs.

More Chambers

The more chambers your window has, the more insulation and energy efficiency you will receive for your home. That’s why we ensure that our windows have thicker walls and more chambers than other offerings.

Low E-Coatings

Our Scheel insulated glass units are designed with low e-coatings to enhance the window’s solar and thermal performance. That means you get better insulation, superior UV ray protection, and a consistent temperature level. When you upgrade to a low-e window, you will immediately notice the difference in your energy usage.

Argon Gas

We also offer Argon gas-filled windows to our customers. Argon has become popular among homeowners because it’s a non-toxic and odourless gas with impressive energy efficiency properties and better heat conductivity than standard windows.

Triple Weather-Stripping

At Scheel, we install triple and quadruple weather-stripping on windows to improve thermal performance and save you money.  Our windows provide super airtight seals to keep out the cold air and keep in the warm air.  Our industry-leading products help to reduce use your HVAC equipment both in summer & winter to help keep more money in your pocket.

Energy efficient windows can make a big difference in your monthly utility bills. They also are designed to improve your overall comfort and wellbeing. If it’s time to replace your older window models with new ones, contact us at Scheel Window & Door today and let us walk you through all that we have to offer.