Superior Products at Builder-Grade Prices

How do we offer superior products at prices comparable to the builder-grade products being sold by the majority the other local retailers?

Well, most other window and door retailers are “re-sellers.” That means they purchase the products they sell from someone else, mark them up and sell them to you. Essentially, these “local” retailers act as middlemen for suppliers in other locations. Most of the companies that supply these retailers are located in Toronto, Quebec, or the United States. Additional mark-up, transportation costs, currency exchange rates, brokerage and customs charges are all passed along to you.

At Scheel Window & Door, we manufacture all of our products locally in Arnprior in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. That means no middleman, no extra mark-up, no transportation costs, and no exorbitant exchange rate charges, just local factory direct pricing to you.

Additionally,  most area companies pay their sales representatives on commission. This means that the higher the price they charge you, the more MONEY they make. As such, their incentive is not on finding you the product that makes the most sense for you, because they directly benefit from selling you the most expensive product possible. At Scheel, our experienced sales professionals all have guaranteed incomes. There is no incentive for them to charge you more than your neighbour may pay for the same product simply because your neighbour is a more savvy negotiator.

Give us a call today 613-623-2909 or book a no-charge, no-obligation estimate at and we’ll make it easy for you to see the Scheel difference.