Single Hung versus Double Hung Windows

Are you looking for new windows for your home? There are so many different options out there: bay windows and bow windows; casement windows and awning windows; single hung and double hung as well as vertical slidding windows. Here’s how can you tell the difference between single hung and double hung vertical operating windows.  


Single Hung Windows


Single Hung windows have two sashes. The upper sash is stationary, meaning that it is fixed in place and cannot be opened. The other (lower sash) can be slid partially or fully open to allow air infiltration. This sash also tilts inward for easy cleaning. Single hung windows are a popular choice for homeowners as they provide good efficiency at an attractive price point.


Double Hung Windows


Double Hung windows also have two sashes but they are operable. Both sashes can be raised or lowered to provide ventilation. As both panels are operable double hung windows are even easier to clean and maintain as each panel tilts inward for easy cleaning.


Which Should You Choose?


This depends on a number of factors. In most cases, a single hung window will be sufficient. Single hung units are a popular as they are very cost effective, simple to operate, energy efficient and easy to clean.

Choose double hung if you think you would benefit from having both the upper and lower portions of the window operate. Depending on your needs you may want single hung units in one area of the house and double hung units elsewhere?

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