Signs Your Home Needs Replacement Windows

Is it time to get replacement windows? If your wood frames have rotted and warped or your kids smashed the glass playing baseball in the yard, the answer may be obvious. In other situations, the answer may not be so clear.

Opening and Closing Windows is a Challenge

If opening and closing your windows is becoming difficult it may be time to replace them. That said, investigate some of the solutions mentioned towards the end of the article before going out and making a purchase.

Your Energy Bill is Gradually Getting More Expensive

Review the past few years’ worth of energy bills. How do their costs compare with one another? Are the costs gradually rising? How do your costs compare to say your neighbour? Have you already tried to cut down the cost of your energy bill but to no avail? Heating is a large contributor to energy consumption in the home. If you have faulty or old windows they could be contributing to increased heating costs. The technology in today’s windows can help to significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

You Feel a Draft in Your Home

If you feel a draft in your home in close proximity to your windows then it may be time for you to replace them. Have an industry pro perform a no obligation walk-through to provide an expert opinion or maybe engage a firm to do an energy audit for you.


Weather-stripping can deteriorate without proper maintenance. Most homeowners are unaware of this. If your windows or 10 years old or older and you haven’t done anything to maintain them you may need to replace them.

Get an Expert Opinion

Don’t spend money replacing something that could be repaired or adjusted to function properly. If you are having issues with your windows contact a reputable company like Scheel Window & Door, our staff will provide you with an expert opinion with regard to rectifying the problem(s) you may be experiencing.

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