Renovations and New Windows

Thinking about renovating this season? Contemplating replacing windows during the process?

New windows can enhance many things in your home. They can add colour to the interior and exterior, add light, character and improve efficiency with heating and cooling. Existing openings can often be enlarged; a new opening can be cut in to allow installation of a window or door where there wasn’t one previously. An existing door could be changed to a window or a patio door. There are lots of options.

Here are some examples of renovations that typically require windows.

Adding an Extension

Sometimes, adding an extension to your existing property can be far more convenient and cost-effective than moving. And, regardless of its purpose, installing a new window can be beneficial by opening up space and brightening it up, too.

Renovating an Attic

Whether it’s for your new at-home studio, additional bedroom or sitting area renovating the attic is a project that usually requires adding a window or two.

Creating a Sunroom

As Canadians, we typically go through a long winter. For some, that means spending a significant amount of time indoors. As a result, sunrooms have become increasingly popular. Building an extension or enclosing an existing deck or patio and adding windows can create a beautiful space that you can enjoy year round.

Kitchen Upgrade

Often, new windows are needed for a kitchen remodelling project, especially if the current windows are old and outdated. Window functionality is important in the kitchen. One of the most popular options is a large awning window as they provide an unobstructed view and can be left opening during inclement weather for ventilation.

Improving Energy-Efficiency

Most of today’s windows perform significantly better than windows that are 10 years old.

Like any other product, there are significant differences in the quality and performance of brands / manufacturers products. Aside from aesthetics, there are significant differences in frame thicknesses, glazing, hardware quality and more. All of these matter when it comes to efficiency, life expectancy, functionality and durability.

As you have read, there are many things to consider when it comes to windows. Goes without saying that it would be wise to visit several manufacturers or resellers to compare offerings before purchasing. Look for established brands and manufacturers with a solid history in your marketplace as many resellers come and go. This can leave you in a lurch should you need service or warranty work. As about installation as well as you will want an expert to install for you.

We invite you to contact us at Scheel Window & Door to discuss your needs. Scheel is a locally owned family business that has been serving residents of Ottawa & the Valley since 1948.  We have been manufacturing, selling and expertly installing windows and doors for 70 years. Put our experience to work for you!