Reduce Your Energy Costs with New Windows

Old windows can let cold winter drafts permeate your home. If you are experiencing this your likely paying significantly more to heat your residence than you should be. If this is the case at your residence you may want to consider having  new energy efficient windows installed. Should you choose to have new windows installed the reduced heating and cooling costs mean your windows will practically pay for themselves!

Here’s how new windows can benefit your home and reduce those monthly bills.

Air-Tight Seal

Like almost everything else technology has played a significant role in improving the quality, comfort and efficiency modern windows can provide. Today’s windows provide a tighter seal through the use of improved weather-stripping, better hardware and improved glazing performance. Installing new windows will allow you to better insulate the pocket/opening in which the window sits. Proper installation of new windows will likely eliminate the drafts you may be experiencing thus cutting down on your energy costs.

Double, Triple Glazing

When replacing windows in an existing home the most common choice in double glazing. These units will typically have low e coatings (this helps reflect heat back into your home. It also helps to protect your furniture from harmful UV rays).

Argon gas (an inert gas between both panes of glass) provides additional insulation as will a low conductivity spacer (used between the glass).

Frames, Sashes and Hardware

The thicker the frames, greater number of chambers, the stronger, quieter, warmer, the more durable, longer lasting and Energy efficient the window will be.

When shopping for windows BE sure to ask to see a cross section (essentially a window cut in half) of the units you are considering purchasing. Count the chambers, look at the thickness of the chamber walls, measure the depth of the frame (the deeper the better) look for Genuine Truth hardware and check the weather-stripping (neoprene/compression type is best). The more you see the better!

Energy Savings

New Energy Star approved windows of modern design have shown to reduce the average homeowner’s energy usage up to 20%. In homes with REALLY old windows you could save even more. These saving can add up to hundreds of dollars per, multiply that over the life expectancy of the average window (20-25 years) or more and your talking serious savings!

If you are considering triple glazing be sure to specify 1 3/8 inch glazing. Some manufacturers use 7/8 in glazing. Don’t waste your money if they only offer 7/8.

Also, proper triple glazing is significantly more expensive than double glazing. Older homes are usually not that well insulated. Installing triple glazing in a house that is NOT already super energy efficient can be a BIG waste of money.

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