Principles and Protocols

Founded in 1948 by the Scheel family, our formula for success has been simple: work hard, re-invest in our products, staff, community, and give our customers more for their money. Back in 1948 every window was made by hand.

Today, we take great pride in combining superb craftsmanship with the latest technology in manufacturing techniques.

Our long-term success can be attributed to the way we conduct business. Simply put, we value each and every customer no matter your needs. We conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty at all times. Our installers provide expert installation. Our products are backed for a full 20 years. Our warranty is a simple one pager. Unlike some companies, we do not have quotas for our installers. Some companies demand their crews install 10-15 windows a day, get the windows in no matter what, get the clients’ money, and get out of there. That’s not the way we do things. Yes, we want efficiencies but our first priority is getting things done right!

Our sales people won’t harass or pressure you suggesting they’ll give you their best price if you sign right now! Those that do are usually trying to stop you from shopping. In most cases, that means they don’t want you to know that you can get a better product for similar costs.

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Scheel Window & Door the choice of knowledgeable contractors and homeowners since 1948