Know Your Terms: Operable versus Fixed Windows

Purchasing new windows involves a lot more than meets the eye. Aside from aesthetics and an optimal amount of light, there are other crucial factors that come along with selecting the right windows for your home. Important factors such as operation, energy efficiency, installation method and emergency exit should be considered.

There are two main types of windows: Operable and Fixed

Operable Windows

Operable windows mean they can be opened and closed. They are generally good at preventing air leakage by utilizing either a compression seal or a sliding seal. Compression seals tend to work the best at keeping out drafts. The windows come in various designs, including awning, casement, horizontal slider and single and double hung. The awning or casement windows utilize locking mechanisms that pull the window tight for a seal making them the most energy efficient.

Horizontal Slider

If you’re looking for a traditional looking window with easy access and a good price point, the horizontal slider windows offer just that. They provide adequate ventilation and incorporate locking mechanisms that provide a good air-tight seal.

Single/Double Hung

For those interested in a more contemporary design or a traditional look, hung windows may be your choice. Single hung windows have one operable window sash and a fixed upper sash, while both sashes operate up & downwards on double hung windows. Also both panels can be tilted inwards on the double hung units for easy cleaning

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows don’t have the capability to open and close. Keep this is mind for safety purposes as these units cannot be opened for emergency exit. Fixed windows are great for efficiency as they are always sealed shut.

If you’re in the market for new windows being familiar with these terms will help you with making an informed decision.

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