Installing a New Patio Door or French Door

Thinking of having a patio door installed to bring in more natural light to your home, there are some important things to consider beforehand. Creating a new opening or modifying an existing can allow you to add the door or your dreams. That said, there are some important things to consider, review before taking the plunge. Questions like Cost, sizing, glass type, functionality? To know what questions should be addressed before you go patio door shopping, read on.

Door Sizing

Today, there are a variety of styles, glass, sash profiles, frame material and sizes too choose from. Space is the number one consideration. Larger units allow more light, but the extra glass may make things cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. Talk to an expert and ask questions.


Though there are many different options, the two most common being sliding patio doors and hinged French doors. Both have their advantages in terms of functionality and style, so you are free to choose which option makes the most sense for your space. Sliding patio doors are a great fit for areas that may not accommodate hinged doors.

The Type of Glass

The type of glass used in your patio door is also something to think about. You can select from Low-E glass, glass with mini blinds, heat reducing glass and many other types. Scheel patio doors are manufactured with an all PVC frame with mechanical sashes. Scheel doors are designed to meet the highest and latest Canadian performance standards in terms of energy efficiency. Our doors offer better all-season insulation, superior sound reduction are more durable and provide better structural rigidity than most other offerings.

Energy Efficiency

All Scheel patio doors carry the Energy Star certification for high-efficiency, based on independent laboratory testing.

The Material

Finally, you need to choose the material that will work best for you. Vinyl for example, is a popular choice among homeowners when you consider style, durability, price, and energy performance. Vinyl also come in a myriad of colour selections to complement your existing décor. Scheel doors can be painted both inside and out.

When you’re ready to have your new patio doors installed, contact Scheel Window & Door. Since 1948, we have made a name for ourselves with professional and reliable door installation backed by an industry-best 25-year warranty. Request your free quote today!