The Importance of Clean Windows

Have dirty windows? Maybe you’re wondering what the point is in cleaning them when they’re just going to end up dirty again in no time. Here are a few benefits of having clean windows.


First and foremost, when your windows are caked with dirt and grime they look dirty, especially from the exterior. Your view from the interior is also obscured. A quick cleaning will improve curb appeal and your view.

Avoid Degradation and Damage

Did you know that dirt and grime can adversely affect the glass in you windows & doors? Glass is a porous, prolonged exposure to the elements, think, rain, dirt, dust, snow all can cause glass and frame material to become stained or damaged with prolonged exposure. Keeping windows and doors clean can greatly extend longevity.

Cleaning Windows Properly

Many homeowners clean their windows & doors on a regular basis. Don’t create problems by using the wrong cleaning solutions. Don’t use harsh or strong household or any other types of cleaners. All you need is dishwater soap and warm water. Sunlight soap typically work great. Also, don’t use an abrasive brush or scrubbing pad. A squeegee for the glass and a simple cloth, micro fibre or other will work just fine. On the exterior wet the windows with a hose to loosen and dirt and grime and proceed from there. Check out our recent blog post for more window cleaning tips.

For a thorough cleaning you may want to consider hiring a professional window cleaning a couple times a year.

When you invest in new windows or a new patio door, make them last with proper care and maintenance. Clean windows look better and last longer.