How to Tell When Windows Need Replacing

Not sure when it’s time to replace your windows? Windows are an integral part of any home and can greatly affect your energy bills each and every month. Being able to recognize when it’s time for new ones is important. If your windows are 10 years old or older, it could be time to consider upgrading them. This might be especially true if your home was constructed with cheap builder grade products produced by JeldWen, Mason, Golden Windows or other mass producers. Here are some tips to help you know if its time!

Noticeable Damage or Functionality issues

Look for worn, damaged or ripped weather-stripping. Check to see that the window closes properly and seals tightly. Look for cracking / separation in the corners of the frames and the portion of the window that holds the glass. Check your hardware, if you have to push the window from the exterior to close it that is not good. Have a look at the glass. If it’s foggy or cracked, it is definitely time. Don’t get fooled by companies that claim they can remove the moisture between the glass. This is a total SCAM as there is no remedy short of replacing the glass or the whole window.

High Energy Bills

Windows can develop cracks, lose the inert gas and may have been poorly installed from the get-go. If you feel drafts in and around the windows, it is likely being caused by 1 or more of the above. If so, this will be forcing your HVAC system to work overtime which will affect your energy bill. New windows, properly installed will help to reduce energy consumption and reduce your costs

Makeover Time

Windows have a huge effect on curb appeal. Just take a look around your neighbourhood, and you will likely see several homes that have changed their windows and or doors. Lower energy bills, updated styling can make your home feel new. Thinking of selling? An updated home will likely fetch more money and sell quicker than one that hasn’t been updated.

If it’s time to update your windows, there’s no better time than now. Not only will your home be beautiful and more efficient, there are provincial rebates of up to $5000 per household available now to save you money. Contact us at Scheel Window & Door to learn more.