All About French Patio Doors

Looking for a way to improve the aesthetics of your home and get a more practical back entranceway? French patio doors can help! Beautifully designed with dual swinging motion, you can enjoy enhanced style, light, and space leading to your backyard. Not convinced? Check out these 6 ways that French Patio Doors can transform the look and functionality of your home.

Improved Safety

French doors come with enhanced safety features. Unlike other models, French patio doors have hinges that can’t be removed or popped off from the outside. Plus, they come with advanced locking systems that deadbolt at both the top and bottom, so you never have to worry about people gaining access to your home through them.

More Space

Regular doors only usually give you a maximum of 3-feet of space, and most sliding glass doors can only have one side open at a time. With a French door, you can open both sides at the same time creating an extra 6-feet of open space. This extra room can be great for moving items in and out, and for when you’re hosting gatherings in both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Extends Living Space

When it’s beautiful outdoors, you want to experience as much of it as possible. When you have dual swinging French patio doors, you can simply open them up and extend your living space into your screened porch or backyard deck and get the most out of the beautiful weather.

Easy To Use

Sliding doors can be heavy, and sometimes the rollers get dirty or wear out, making it very difficult to open. Luckily, French patio doors don’t have this problem. You get ease of use every time you need to open and close the doors.

Energy Efficient

Built with strong and durable materials, French doors are designed to last. Made with excellent weather tight seals, impressive U-Factors, and Low E glass, you get improved insulation and comfort coupled with low energy costs.

Elegant Appearance

With these modern designs, you can easily turn your patio doors into a focal part of your home. With unlimited glass patterns and designs to choose from, you get improved aesthetics for your home and backyard space. Plus, they are fully customizable, so you can design them exactly how you want them to look.

When deciding on your next renovation project, consider French patio doors for your home. When you’re ready to design your doors, contact us at Scheel Window & Door to explore all the different options to complete your dream home.