How long has Scheel Windows been in business?
Locally owned with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating we have been manufacturing, selling and installing  industry leading Windows & Doors to knowledgeable homeowners in Ottawa and the Valley since 1948

Do you offer installation?
Yes, our teams of dedicated installers are meticulous craftsmen who take great pride in providing expert installations.

Is window and door replacement recommended in the winter season?
Installing during winter is typically not an issue as our experienced installers take measures to do so efficiently. Their methods allow them the complete your installation having little or no impact on the comfort level in your residence.

Once ordered, when can I expect my window(s) and or door(s) to be installed?
Typical wait times are 4-6 weeks. Product choice and seasonality can affect those times. Your sales representative will provide you with an estimated date of install at the time of signing. Our office will contact you to set a firm date after we have manufactured your windows and or doors.

Do you charge a fee for an in-house estimate?
No, all estimates are completely free of cost and obligation.

How can I as the consumer verify that I am purchasing a quality window?
Have your sales representative show you a cross section of the window you are considering purchasing. Look at the walls, chambers, weather-stripping, hardware and the spacer bar between the glass. The thicker the walls and the greater the number of chambers the better the window. Also look at the frame depth. The deeper the frame the better the window. Same for the spacer bar, hardware and weather-stripping. All should be of good quality and the hardware should be heavy duty.

Are there different colours available?
Yes, White is standard. Make sure you see a sample as some company’s white has a blue hue to it. Commercial Brown and Black are available as is Tan. The Tan colour is extruded which means it will not scratch. Being extruded the interior is also tan. Other colours are available.

As the manufacturer what is the warranty on your products.
All of our Windows and Doors are covered by our industry leading “20 Year Worry Free Warranty”. Please ask your sales representative for a written copy.


What is Low “E” Argon gas (LEA)?
Low “E” stands for Low emissivity which is a coating this applied to the surface of the glass in windows and doors. This coating helps to insulate the cavity in thermal pane windows and doors. The coating was developed to provide improved shading in the summer and to allow solar heat gain in the winter. The benefits are warm center glass temperature for the winter, reduced glass temperature for summer conditions compared to clear glass, reduced ultraviolet light transmissions which helps prevent fading of draperies and furniture and reduces heating and cooling costs for both warm and cold climates. Heating and cooling costs are greatly reduced by the coating(s).

What is Low “E” Squared?
Low “E” squared is another coating that is available. In essence the Low E squared indicates that multiple layers of the coating have been applied to the glass in the window. Multiple coatings can block up to 84% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays and can deliver a 96% performance improvement in nighttime insulation compared to clear glass. The drawback if there is one is the fact that the additional coating (s) also reduce solar heat gain. This can lead to higher heating bills during the colder months. Your best bet is to ask your sales representative to make a recommendation as to what type of glass would best suit your needs.

What are “grilles, muntin bars or simulated divided lites”?
These are decorative bars used to give the impression of having divided lites. They come in different styles, shapes and material. Simulated Divided Lites are creating by applying the desired material to the interior, exterior or in some cases both surfaces to the glass.

Do you sell Skylights?Yes, we sell Velux Skylights but we do not offer installation of same. There are many options to choose from including size, style, sun screening accessories, manual and electric controls. We recommend that you contact a reputable roofing company to assist with installation.

Should I remove the screens from my windows in the wintertime?
If your screens are on the inside, it may be beneficial to remove them in the winter especially if you are experiencing ice build-up or seeing condensation on the interior of your windows. Removing the screens will likely provide better airflow to your windows which should help to reduce the condensation.

Do you have a staffed and fully equipped Service Department?
Yes, we have a fully stocked in-house parts department and service technicians to take care of all your needs.