Excellent Products


In even the harshest of weather elements, our window and door systems afford you the best protection and the greatest comfort a window or door can provide. Our products’ leading energy-efficiency levels are achieved by paying attention to the smallest detail in selecting quality window and door components and a manufacturing process that is uncompromising. With the thickest profile walls in the industry, our windows assist in providing long-term structural integrity, offer excellent heat retention, help to reduce heating & cooling costs and noise levels in your residence to provide increased comfort and enhance the value of your home.

Vinyl-window-replacement-ottawa1. No leaks, no fuss.

Our heavy duty frames are designed to do a better job protecting and supporting glass. They are also warmer, stronger, quieter and more durable than most other window offerings. The same applies to our doors as all components are handpicked to ensure our entry systems provide maximum protection against the elements. We use a patented drainage system on both our windows and doors specifically designed to eliminate water faster and more efficiently than any other systems on the market so you don’t have to worry about water damage to your windows, doors or residence.

Ottawa best Vinyl windows2. Top-of-the-line security.

Unlike wood or aluminum window frames, PVC profiles/frames are welded, and Scheel Windows have more internal walls which provide extraordinary strength. As a result, Scheel products surpass the industry’s strictest forced entry and structural tests. Scheel windows are also rated amongst the industry’s BEST by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).



Brittle scheel brochure oct26_Page_10_Image_00033. Attractive design.

Our Fusion welding process provides an esthetically pleasing look and eliminates the need to use additional adhesives and sealants providing a watertight and airtight surface.

All internal frame walls are also welded for increased overall structural strength.

4. No drafts, no energy loss.


With their PVC core, our windows are among the most energy-efficient on the market. Our multi-chamber design reduces thermal exchange, and the extra enclosed space – more than any other brand – provides better insulation than most other products.

Airtightness in our windows is ensured by incorporating triple or quadruple weather-stripping (depending on the window model). Air, dust and dirt infiltration are virtually eliminated.

5. Virtually maintenance-free.

Scheel Windows’ exclusive PVC formula stands up to UV rays. It’s proven at least twice as resistant to colour change as the competition’s PVC. Your PVC door or window frames won’t yellow, bleach or fade.

Our window profiles are maintenance-free and will not crack, blister or warp.

Opening mechanisms come with a corrosion-proof finish for greater durability.

Depending on the model, casements open a full 90 degrees and sashes tilt in for easy cleaning.