ENERGY STAR Windows Reduce Damaging Condensation

canstockphoto6203734Condensation happens when warm moist air comes in contact with cooler dry air. Since glass will have the lowest temperature in your home, condensation is very notice able. Although this does not mean your windows are defective, a high level of condensation can result in drastic damage to your window frames.  If this occurs on an exposed surface, it is called surface condensation.  If it occurs in concealed voids in a building structure, it is called interstitial condensation. Window condensation can seriously damage window frames, trim, and drywall. In homes with low-quality windows, increasing ventilation rates alone may not solve window condensation problems without reducing humidity below healthy levels. High ventilation rates also increase heating costsLow-Emissivity Glass can help save your windows and save you money.

Water may encourage fugal growth, etc which may harm  organic building materials and produce spores which are injurious to health.Water may cause dimensional changes in materials such as wood, concrete, ceramics, etc.Where these changes are restrained and particularly where dissimilar changes are caused in materials which are secured together, mechanical damage may result.

It is difficult to completely eliminate moisture on existing windows. Inefficient windows (e.g., single pane with aluminum frames) or high moisture with inadequate ventilation can result in condensation, frost, or pools of water on windows and sills. Moisture in the air condenses when it touches a cold surface.

If an inefficient window or window frame gets too cold, water can condense (or even freeze) on the interior surface and then pool on the sill. Over time, chronic condensation can damage window sills, cause paint to crack, and encourage the growth of mold. Advanced frames, glass coatings, spacers, and other technologies enable ENERGY STAR qualified windows to keep the inner surface of the glass and frame warmer, reducing the potential for condensation and ensuring a clearer view on winter mornings.

ENERGY STAR windows will reduce condensation on glass in cold weather preventing damage to your window frames.