What ENERGY STAR Windows Can Do For Your Home.

New-doors-and-windows-fittedIf all of the original windows and doors in an average older home were replaced by ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors, the household energy consumption would be reduced by about 7 percent. If ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights where installed in an average new home instead of conventional products, energy consumption would be reduced by about 16 percent. With ENERGY STAR qualified windows, the interior glass stays warmer, so you can enjoy your window seat even when the temperature outside dips well below freezing. Most ENERGY STAR qualified windows reduce the “heat gain” into your home more than typical windows do, without reducing the visible light. You get the light you need without the uncomfortable heat during those hot summer days.

Study show two-thirds of Canadian homeowners are in favour of renovating their homes to become more energy-efficient and also environment-friendly. The study further shows that of those likely to consider green home renovation options, 66% are likely to consider them even if the cost is higher than for non-green renovations. In Ontario, this percentage is even higher at 68%.

ENERGY STAR windows prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines. Not only does ENERGY STAR windows help protect the environment but it also helps protect your valuables.  Whether art painting, carpeting, wood floors or other valuables, ENERGY STAR windows protect from fading and discoloring caused by Ultraviolet light. These windows incorporate glass coating which functions to block UV light and protects your home’s interior.  ENERGY STAR windows will increase your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll be warm in winter, cool in summer, and comfortable all year round.  Using less energy means consumers save money on their utility bills with ENERGY STAR windows. On average, today’s ENERGY STAR qualified windows are twice as efficient as windows manufactured 10 years ago.

ENERGY STAR  windows also increase the value of your home and will have many of the following features:

• double- or triple-glazing, with a sealed insulating glass unit
• low-e glass
• inert gas, such as argon or krypton, in the sealed unit
• low-conductivity or ‘warm edge’ spacer bars
• insulated frames, sashes and door cores
• good air tightness