Choosing a New Front Door

Your front door is generally the first thing people actually notice at your residence. Colour, condition and style mean everything when it comes to curb appeal and making an impression. In addition to looking good the door needs to provide security, warmth and comfort year-round. So when choosing a door here are some important things to make note of.

Design and Curb Appeal

The design of your front door affects the look of the entire exterior of the home so select a door that gives you the “look” that you envision. Your local Door & Window manufacturer can usually incorporate just about anything you want. Whatever your style, design and colour preference are, go with them and get creative. It is, after all one of the key focal points of your home. The formal entrance should complement and enhance other elements of your home.


Depending on your homes design, there could very well be more than one entrance. Whether you have a side door that you usually enter and exit from, where maybe guests only use the front – whatever your lifestyle and needed functionality of the entranceways may be, be sure to consider this when making your choice.

The Materials

Front and side entry doors are made of a variety of materials, but here are three of the most common:


is an advanced, versatile material. It has the strength and durability of steel, with the aesthetic appeal of wood, all crafted with low-maintenance, durable materials. It will not dent, rust, crack, or rot. Fiberglass offers up to four times the insulating value of wood, increasing energy efficiency and comfort. It can mimic the texture and grain of wood, or come in a smooth finish for a contemporary design.


doors are most common as they are typically the most affordable option. These doors generally won’t warp, crack, or rot. They are energy efficient, secure and offer good insulation value. As with fiberglass, steel doors come in a wide variety of designs and colours to suit your needs.


doors are expensive and require significant maintenance but have been used for decades as wood is available in unique colours and grains. So if cost isn’t an issue and you don’t mind having to have your re-finished from time to time, Wood may be the answer for you.

As you have read there are a lot of things to consider when making a decision on your doors, from the panel/slab type and composition, paint/stain colour, hardware, hinges, sill, glass inserts. Given the myriad of choices you should speak with an industry expert or better yet visit a showroom where you can see examples. Your entranceway makes a statement so take your time and make sure you have a clear vision of what you want and order accordingly. Be sure to ask about installation as well as you want to make sure the door is installed properly by an industry professional.

Unsure about which front door to choose? Our team is here to help you make an informed decision. Call us today to get a free quote!