5 Things You Need to Know About Replacement Windows

Replacing windows isn’t cheap. Whether you plan on replacing a couple at a time or doing the whole house at once take your time and do some research. Keep in mind that anything you do now will have to be replicated in future purchases. If you plan on replacing things over a period of time you’ll want to make sure future purchases will match what you buy now. In addition to energy efficiency think esthetics as new windows can dramatically change the look of your residence.

Here are five things you should consider while do your research.


Select Appropriate Materials


It can be difficult to choose as well as envision what everything will look like if you are planning to replace a few windows at a time. Take your time and talk to a professional to get a CLEAR picture of what things will look like. Discuss materials and make a decision on colour as well as the type of material and window that best suits your needs.

Today’s most common choice are Vinyl windows as they are long lasting, highly efficient, cost effective and require little maintenance. Other materials to be considered may include wood / aluminum clad for traditional looking units or hybrid windows which offer an aluminum exterior and vinyl interior.

Consider what product choice you believe will give you the look as well as the energy efficiency you desire. Your retailer / manufacturer should have samples of all of these offerings. Make sure you see cross sections as well as full windows so you can see the quality or lack thereof in the products they offer.


Energy Efficiency


When it comes to window replacement improved energy efficiency is typically at the top of most customers list. Most windows are designed and manufactured to optimize energy efficiency to keep your home comfortable both in the winter and summer while reducing energy consumption year round. Be sure that you purchase ENERGY STAR Certified Windows that have been designed, manufactured and independently tested to provide optimal energy savings and maximum protection from the extreme temperature swings in the Ottawa and the valley.


Unique Design Elements


Remember that you can get creative with your windows. Replacing windows can be a great way to incorporate some edge and design into your home. Consider colour, configuration/operation, grilles, divided sashes and other elements when getting quotes.


Consider Location


Sometimes, where there once was a window, you may now want to have a door or patio door installed there or vice versa. Most companies have installers that can do this for you.


Natural Light


Finally, natural light can make the rooms of your house warm and inviting. Older or smaller homes often have few windows. These windows can also be small. If you’d like to get more light into a room or increase visible glass to improve your view you may want to discuss increasing the size of the existing opening to accept a larger window or door. Both could provide more light and increased air flow.

Take the time to review/discuss visible light, design, and functionality of your existing windows and consider how you may want to change operation and sizing to meet your needs.
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