5 Reasons to Replace Old Windows

It’s inevitable, if you live in the same house long enough you are going to have to replace some or all of your windows. Given the cost, most homeowners put this off as long as they can, sometimes longer than they should. If you’re thinking new windows here are 5 things that may help you decide that it’s time to act.

Insulate Your Home

Winters in the Ottawa Valley can be extreme. When the cold temperatures arrive, you need strong and sturdy windows that can help to keep cold air where it belongs – outside and the warm air inside the house. Older windows aren’t designed to perform in this manner. When the temperatures begin to drop, your old windows are likely costing you money. Scheel windows are Energy Star® Certified, designed and manufactured to hold in heat and keep the cold out.

Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs

Scheel’s high-performance windows and doors are designed to keep out the cold air out and warm air in during winter. Our windows also help to reduce high heat during the warmer summer months. We accomplish this by manufacturing with energy-saving Low-E glass with argon gas between dual pane thermal units. Both help to reduce heat loss & cooling costs while allowing maximum light. Today’s high performance windows are on average twice as efficient as standard windows made 10 or so years ago.

Factor the potential savings on your heating and cooling costs and you can see how new windows practically pay for themselves.

Improve Resale Value

Aside from reducing heating bills, cooling costs and noise levels in your home having new, energy-efficient window & door will likely increase the value of your residence. If you are considering selling your home investing in new windows and doors will help to eliminate conditions of sale, increase the value of your home, maximize the selling price and will assist in selling your home quickly. Home valuation experts state that new windows provide at least 70% return on investment, one of the highest ROI values for any home improvement project.

Improved Functionality

Older windows can often have many limitations to their functionality. Sashes begin to stick, hardware gets rusted and becomes difficult to operate and the panes may have failed. You may have fixed units where you would like to have an operating unit or you may want to put a window or a door in a place where this is currently nothing. With the modern designs you can change functionality and choose a number of accessories including hardware to suit your needs.

Improve Curb Appeal

Windows contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. New windows and doors can improve things visually both inside and outside your home. If you looking to freshen things up or contemplating selling new windows & doors can help make the right impression to catch the eye of potential buyers.

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