5 Design Tips for Windows

Whether you’re building a new house or installing replacements, here are five design tips that are necessary to know.

Energy Efficiency Matters

Saving on energy usage is big. Windows can play a huge role in reducing fossil fuel, hydro usage. They can also help heat your home. So when shopping for new windows, make sure you talk to an expert about the different glazing, frame and material options available.

You can do some initial research online, but you are best to visit a local retailer or manufacturer to speak with a professional.

Choose the Right Materials

Traditional wood-framed windows have character and charm, but are expensive and require a ton of maintenance. Advanced materials like PVC provide superior performance, longevity and are virtually maintenance free.

Think of Natural Light

Choose windows that will provide the right amount of natural light. If your existing windows just aren’t cutting it, consider changing the configuration or creating a more significant or new opening. Making a window larger or adding one where wasn’t one previously can brighten things tremendously.

Open Up With a Door

You may also be able to turn an existing window into a patio door or a set of French doors with full glass lites. Both will provide significant light.

Get Creative with Added Touches

Sashes and frames can be painted in different colours to add character. Decorative glass can also be installed. As can coloured brickmoulds. Ask questions as there isn’t much some manufacturers can’t do.

New windows are worth investing in for aesthetics, energy efficiency, as well as safety. As with most things, there are a ton of products on the market. Prices range widely as there is a vast difference in the quality of the products being sold. That’s why industry professionals suggest you talk to an expert at a reputable supplier / manufacturer.

When it’s time to replace your windows, Scheel Window & Door will be happy to discuss product, installation, options and answer all your questions. We have been designing, manufacturing and expertly installing window & doors in Ottawa and the Valley since 1948. Stop into our plant/showroom in Arnprior, or contact us online, and one of our industry experts will walk you through the process of selecting the proper products for your home.