5 Decor Tips to Make Your Doorway Pop During Winter

Want to make your doorway really stand out this holiday season? You’ve come to right place! The holidays are all about being glamorous and adding beauty to brighten up those otherwise dull and depressing winter nights. And, all it really takes is a little imagination and creativity. To help get you inspired this season, here are five décor tips to help make your doorway pop during the winter.

Light the Way For Guests During Holiday Celebrations

If you really want to crank up to romantic ambiance and magical glow stemming from your doorway, you can light both the interior and exterior doorway with battery operated candles. These candles are a game-changer since you can switch them on and leave them on without having to worry about the wind or snow snuffing out the flame. You can line them up your porch stairs, or place them inside on a few different surfaces to really make your doorway pop during the winter.

Transform Lumber Into Creative Decorations

We can’t get enough of the charm and warmth that old, rustic wood can exude. If you have any old bits of wood, like firewood, or even fallen branches around your neighbourhood, you can get creative and transform them into impressive decorative displays. For example, with some plywood, nails and basic woodworking skills, you can turn ordinary lumber into all kinds of different things.

Create Eye-Popping Containers

Having big, bold, and beautiful displays on both sides of your doorway is always a sure way to get your doorway to pop. The symmetry, colour, and touches of light create one of the best displays for spicing up your home. And best of all, you can dress them up in any style you prefer. If you enjoy a contemporary, modern style, you could use perfectly trimmed potted evergreens, or even circular miniature trees from your local (indoor) garden centre. Alternatively, you could go with the classic, rustic look using boughs of evergreens, mixed with birch branches, bold red dogwood, glitter-dusted pine cones and some fairy lights to nestled in between.

Make It Personal

What better way to get your doorway to stand out than by placing some personal elements on display? You could add a unique twist to your outdoor wreath by adding on a pair of your vintage skates from back in the day, or use ornaments crafted by your children to place inside lanterns along the porch.

Don’t Forget The Garland

Garland is always a must for your doorway. During the dull winter weather, the deep green combined with some pops of colours and lights add some much-needed warmth to brighten up an otherwise muted palette.

So, get crafty this season by using your imagination or any of these ideas to spice up your doorway and home this winter.