3 Window Treatments that Wow

Your windows do much more than protect against the elements and allow natural light to brighten up your home. They also frame your view of the outside surroundings and are a big part of the design and overall aesthetics of your entire home. Whether your windows are small or big and expansive, you can bet that they get noticed. Window treatments and how they are incorporated have a significant impact on aesthetics.

When looking to enhance the look of your windows, consider treatments that will wow your family, friends, and passersby alike.

Decorative Curtain Rods

When it comes to the curtain rods, they play much more of a role in the overall appearance of your window treatments than many homeowners realize. When you throw up any old rod without giving much thought to it and whether it compliments the size and style of your window, it doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s these subtle details that often make the biggest difference between creating that “wow” factor or not. So before you toss on a curtain rod, consider it carefully. A good rod should be thick and sturdy, and designers recommend they extend beyond both ends of the window frame, about 12-inches on each side. Consider black rods with decorative ends to add some design flair.

Floor-Length Curtains

Having large curtains that drape down to the floor often gives a grandeur look to the window. If you have large expansive windows, this type of window treatment is a great way to really accentuate them.

Install Stylish Sheers Sheers

can also be a welcomed addition to your window treatment for both aesthetics and to allow in as much natural light as possible whilst providing some privacy. Sheers installed over the opening of windows, in combination with quality curtains, creates a soft, airy and dreamy look to both the windows and the room that they are located in.

Incorporating window treatments that wow is easier than you may think. It’s the subtle additions that can take your window designs to the next level. By accentuating the size of your windows with curtain length, choosing the curtain rods carefully and adding some dreamy sheers you can have your new vinyl windows dressed to impress each and every time.