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5 Ways to Lower Hydro Bills

With high hydro prices the arrival of summer heat it can be costly crank up that air conditioner. Whether it’s the hot and humid summer, or the frigid winter chills, homeowners today realize the importance of improving energy efficiency to minimizing monthly hydro bills. If you’re looking for some handy tips to help save  this

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The Importance of Clean Windows

Have dirty windows? Maybe you’re wondering what the point is in cleaning them when they’re just going to end up dirty again in no time. Here are a few benefits of having clean windows. Aesthetics First and foremost, when your windows are caked with dirt and grime they look dirty, especially from the exterior. Your

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The Scheel Advantage

Scheel Window & Door has been designing, manufacturing, and installing top-quality windows & doors in Ottawa and the surrounding area since 1948. We specialize in manufacturing durable, energy efficient and esthetically pleasing windows, formal entry doors as well as patio doors that exceed the highest industry standards. With no middle man, we are able to

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Energy Efficiency Matters

Most people these days know that energy efficiency is important and that it should be considered when making upgrades to windows and doors in your home. Here we break down a few of the fundamental reasons for why energy efficiency matters in your home. Save on Energy Bills It seems as though nothing has risen

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Upgrade Your Home with a Scheel Patio Door

Looking to upgrade your home exterior this spring? Nothing ushers in the warmer weather quite like backyard patio season – family and friend get-togethers, sizzling BBQs, and late night lounging under the stars – it’s where all the fun happens! And when your patio doors are in need of an upgrade, Scheel patio doors are

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spring cleaning windows

Spring Cleaning Tips for Windows

Annual cleaning is highly recommended for windows. Rinse Down the Windows Start by rinsing the glass and frames with clean water. If you have a hose with a nozzle that will reach your windows, this will work great. If you don’t, you can simply use a spray bottle with warm water to give the window

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window replacement

Determining Which Windows to Replace

Replacing all of the windows at once in your home isn’t always practical, especially if budget is a concern. Often, simple fixes can extend the lifespan of a window, but some windows are simply beyond repair. Deciding or prioritizing which windows need to be replaced generally requires some thought. Here are some insights which may

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